The food culture of India is famous all over the world and Indian restaurants have established their name as one of the most popular restaurants in every country. The Indian cuisine is full of flavor and the Indian people are very open to new food traditions and modern eating habits. There are many reasons for this popularity. One is the large community that follows the Indian religion and the hospitality offered by the people of India.

The Indian cuisine is also known as the “third eye” cuisine as the people from this country react strongly to spices and the changes in food habits. If you are planning to visit an Indian Restaurant in Dubai, I am sure the first thing you would like to check is the quality of food served on a daily basis. The Indian people follow several religious festivals and celebrations that influence their choice of food. The preparation of authentic Indian cuisine is an art and is practiced even by the people from other parts of the world.

Indian Restaurants In Dubai That Serve The Best North Indian Cuisine

There are several Indian restaurants in Dubai that cater to different cuisines and budgets. You will find some restaurants in the city that are famous for their famous food items and desserts. The best Indian restaurants in Dubai are located in Al Maktoum Street, behind Spice House on Souk Al Maktoum. The Indian cuisine is famous because of its use of ingredients from all the five continents of earth. The city is a hub for the Indian Diaspora and so there are numerous restaurants located in the city serving different varieties of Indian food. Some of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai include City Kitchen, Kaal Bagh, Mughlai, Khawa Dawa, Zayya Restaurant, Madinat Restaurant, Paranthe Restaurant, etc.

Apart from the famous Indian cuisines in Dubai, the city also has other varieties of Indian dishes. One of the famous dishes is the Makhani, which is a dry red curd made from wheat, water and spices. The main ingredient of the Makhani is a Punjabi chicken and the final dish that is prepared is the pure rice or chapatti. There are some famous restaurants that serve Makhani along with the regular Indian dishes.

Burj Al Arab is considered as the biggest and the most popular restaurant of Dubai. Many famous restaurants and hotels in the city are situated in this building. The Burj Al Arab serves a variety of delicious dishes such as the Makhani and the Shawrama. The Shawrama is a famous dish that is prepared by mixing meat and vegetables cooked in a sweet sauce. Most of the times, the restaurants here offer Makhani and Shawrama along with their regular dishes.

If you want to taste the best Indian food, then there are several Indian restaurants in Dubai. There are many Indian food restaurants that are located in Dubai and serve delicious food. However, you should ensure that the restaurant that you choose is known for providing the best quality of food. Therefore, searching for the best Indian restaurants in Dubai is easy as there are several restaurants in Dubai that provide the best Indian food.