QuestDental, a top rated dental clinic, is located in the city of Eugene, Oregon. The clinic boasts of having one of the most advanced technologies and procedures available to patients which you can click here and find out. “When it comes to finding an affordable dental care facility, QuestDental is the place to be,” says Dr. William Smith, medical director of the Portland Metro Oral Health Division of Oregon Dental Association. “We’re pleased with the service provided and the high level of patient satisfaction, which help us provide the very best treatment for our patients.”


“Tooth Extraction is the procedure that provides the most pain for most patients,” says Dr. Smith. “In addition to being a painful process, it’s a very expensive one. QuestDental offers a variety of options to make this painless experience possible for our patients. In fact, the pain management program we have implemented has improved so much that we are now able to complete as many tooth extractions as we once did without causing an additional patient pain. The technology used in QuestDental gives us an advantage over others, especially in these tough economic times.

“The clinic is extremely clean and hygienic and it’s staffed with friendly, knowledgeable staff that makes your experience with the dentist a pleasant one,” says Dr. David Smith, director of the office of the Oregon Dental Association in Portland. “QuestDental makes it easy for patients to schedule appointments, because they provide a very convenient, flexible way to manage their schedules. They make it simple to send in payment via email or through secure online payments which also saves valuable time.”